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Carvings in "Tiny Town" are, of course, tiny!

The thimble, used to show scale, is 1" tall.

Some in this category are sculptures, and some are pins which I have included because they were especially detailed and to show how they too lend themselves to miniature displays.



This tiny mole is 1 1/2" tall.  The sweet little face of this carving is a design that's been much appreciated in his larger namesake, part of the Wind in the Willows set.

I had forgotten ever making moles this small.  I visited a collector friend in Coventry Ct. and spotted in her collection this little mole, dated 2000 and marked with a #1 on his foot.  "How cute!" I thought, and decided to make more. They are fun to make.

A little fish-line loop can be added to the top if you'd like to use it as an ornament.






This is a pin, but as you can she is freestanding and can be a dear display piece.

There are eleven fancy lady pins available. Some carry flowers, some hold baskets. Each dress is slightly different. Dress colors are mauve, pink, lavender and light green. Two mice in mauve dresses can be seen at the top of the New Since Sunapee 2007 section.  I'd be happy to send you photos of all available so you may consider choosing your favorite.




Find a little frame, (this one purchased at the Dollar Store).
Get a piece of paper and cut it to fit the frame. (Paint sample cards work great.)
Lightly press the back of the pin onto the paper to get little indent marks and punch hole there.
Put the paper in the frame, pin in your pin into the holes, that's it!
Even better, if you cut a slit in the paper from hole to hole the pin can easily
 to change it with the seasons, holidays or of course so someone can wear it!

This is a cute idea for a memorable baby present.


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