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As always, I hope to get  new work posted here. And, as always  it's a time struggle between creating, and stopping to do the photography and web site work, but I will try.
Many of the carvings here have been sold, but please enjoy the images, and I do hope to get the current ones up soon!
Thank you for your patience!

February, 2010



This 4" fellow, in his historically accurate 1750's garb, has been chosen to appear on the Wilton Historical Society's  promotional post card for the November American Craftsmanship Show. He seems to have acquired the name "Wilton" in the process.

Wilton's head turns and tilts, and arms move for extra cute posing.

The invitation to participate the prestigious Wilton show gave me the perfect reason to pursue my interest in carving characters in authentic early American costume.  Two colonial gents, each with different outfits are still available.





Those of you who have followed the music boxes might notice the changes in this one.

The first music box featured a  mica-wing angel. Next came  Mayflower Girl  with a base of green leaves with the tiny mayflowers peeking out. Next I decided to use the same design of the girl enjoying the flowers, but make it about pansies.

This is the only carved pansy base, I doubt I'll ever do another!

Special features about  all the music box include the ability to replace the musical works should it ever get over wound or to change the tune.





Pulling his snow dusted sled piled high with acorns, sunflower seeds, corn and berries this cheery fellow is ready for the holidays.

He wears tweed pants tucked snuggly into the top of his L.L.Bean boots, a blowing scarf, and a decorated acorn hat.

Snow clings to his boots, the sled runners, and a bit has landed on his hat.

$125 This one sold, orders being accepted for others.




I've always had book themed carvings. This little one was designed, carved, and than sat on my bench for almost a year because I couldn't think of a good title for the book.

Just before a show in Deerfield Mass. I finally finished the book  as "L. Nichols Woodcarving Mice", which gave me a smile. At the show a new collector spotted and choose her.
I brought her home to use as a model before sending her to the new owner, and at that time added the perfect finishing touch, the little shamrock broach at her neck.

I made a second, which another collector immediately wanted. Others sold at Sunapee and it looks like she is on her way to  becoming a signature favorite.

The one shown is the original. They are just barely over 2" tall, and will be numbered. You have a choice of any book title you would like.




A cheery addition to your bathroom. Ready to greet and smile to you as you, of course, floss.

PJs, fuzzy cat slippers, a comfortable old robe, and a little leather tail complete the look.

Companion carving, holding a toothbrush with toothpaste on it also available.
Choice of robe color.

3" tall. 




This frugal little lady, with her carefully patched clothes is a tiny 1-3/4" tall.

At her neck is a tiny porcelain look button I made from "sculpy".
Her broom is fashioned from bits of broom straw from a full-size broom.

Other carvings in this small scale can be found in Tiny Town.





Just 1-1/2" high this cute little fellow holds a special double acorn he has found.

A small  and inexpensive carving that adds cute energy to  all other carvings he is near.

with display base





I have been making a version of these pea-stealing mice almost since I started. The design began as a magnet, I think back in the seventies. There were two of them. (If anyone has one I'd like to hear from you.)  Eventually it became a full sculpture,  which suits the design far better. This is about the forth or fifth one made, definitely the most elaborate. There is a little lady bug (of course) on top of the first pea.

Made from one piece of wood.
order sold
Can place reserve order for next one.




I have left this picture up to show I make more characters than just mice!

This fellow has just traveled to a collector in Lewiston Maine.
This one-of-kind little artist craftsman is only 2-1/2 inches tall from his paint spattered shoes to the top of his ears.
A paint rag hangs from his back pants pocket and a little paint brush pokes out from the pocket of his apron.

Other non-mice characters will be in the new "Signature Favorites" page under construction and can also be found in sections of the main site.

($73 sold).


I have quite a larger than usual collection of pins this year!

Pins are a nice and tiny surprise gift, easy to mail with a little padding in a regular envelope, and a gift that children of all ages treasure and keep forever. They are also great in a little frame.
There are Running Chefs (who would look cute in a frame in a kitchen), the new Fancy Lady pins, a large selection of Halloween themed pins and many more. It's a great time to begin a tiny collection for yourself or a friend.

Send an email request if interested in a category of pins and I will quickly send photos of all available in that group so you may choose the ones you like.

Running Chef pins ($20)
Standing Bunny pins ($14-$18)
Round Bunny  pins ($8)
Fancy Lady pins ($23-$26)
Witch pin ($34) Only one available.
Basket of Flowers with Bunny pin ($28-$32)..and more!

Additional seasonal and holiday theme pins in the Holiday section.

See how easy it is to make a do-it-yourself small frame display for your pins in the Tiny Town section.


more magnets can be found on the

Winter Valentine Bunny magnets

Wrapped in their snuggly knit scarves and their big rabbit feet tucked in LLBean boots  these detailed bunnies with their warm hearts are ready for winter. Hanging metal strips are provided so they can be used for ornaments or happily hold papers on the 'fridge from the start of the the Christmas season and through 'till Valentine's day.
The hearts are an ideal place for personalizing with initials or date.

These are the only three; there will be no more of this design.
(A very cute and special carving but they took way too long!)

   $32  Sale $28  sold



New this year, these well fed chubby little mice.

They started out with no clothes, then a few started wearing vests.One is reading a shopping list which has on it "cheese cheese cheese cheese".  All of the cheese they are holding has bites out it, (which might be how they got so chubby). In addition to the ones shown is one with cake and one with cheese on a red plate. There were nine mice in this first group.

Similar "naked" style mice, a bit less chubby, wearing tartan scarves and carrying Christmas stockings, also a new design, can be found in the Holiday section.

I'd be happy to send pictures so you may see the whole group if you are interested.
Mental hanging strip and display stump included.

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