Types of Carvings


Magnets, Pins, Small Sculptures, from Children's Classics, Cards, Floor Sculptures and Wall Sculptures


My animal magnets are actually little sculptures. Their flat backs contain a recessed magnet, and also provide a great space for a customized wood burned greeting which is provided free of charge. They stand by themselves, and thus make wonderful display pieces by themselves, or intermixed with full sculptures.

A small hanging metal strip, to which the magnet can adhere, is available, allowing the magnet temporarily to hang as an ornament. (A unique and useful Christmas gift!) metal strip .50 each

Cat magnets can be made to match a particular cat's markings, at no extra charge. Words on the Tee Shirt Characters can have a colorful child's name, instead of the usual words on the front, for a small additional charge. See below and also Custom Work Examples.

All magnets are signed and dated on the back.


  Valentine Magnets. Heart can be customized.
  Tee-shirt characters come with a variety of sayings. They can also be customized with a child or pet's name, or saying of your choice.
  Another example of a tee-shirt mouse.
  Designed last Christmas, as a custom ornament/magnet for a  family with a cat famous for catching mice. So popular it has become one of the regulars.
  Snowman magnet displayed with two chorus mice sculptures.
  Pins mixed with Halloween magnets for a holiday display


Most of my pins, when not being worn, function as free standing miniatures. One pin collectors keeps her pins displayed in a printers box. Please check back, the full range of pins will be shown as the site develops.

  Pins mixed with Halloween magnets for a holiday display
  Johnny-jump-up flower pin

Small Sculptures

  A mix of old friends and favorites.
  Brand new! Artist mice, in two sizes. The larger, 3 1/2 inches tall, the smaller, 2 1/2 inches. I have two of the larger artists, both left handed, and six of the little ones.
  By popular demand! At last, a smaller size mole. I have six, each is a little different of course. They will go fast.
  Many years ago I did some little mice birdwatchers, I brought the idea back and included the tiny birdhouse, and at it's base, a real, very very small tip of a pussy willow branch.
  Brand new, the chipmunk artists are three inches tall. I have two: the one shown, and a chubby right hander wearing just a smock over his fat little belly.  Also, not shown, inspired by the chipmunk artists, I have a new series of wonderful chipmunk magnets.
  The "Couch Potato" has added a chocolate bar to his stash of snacks. There will be only a total of 12 in the series. Each is signed and numbered.
  One of a kind. 3 1/2 inches tall.  The little Valentine Ambassador. The kiss is made of shaped baked clay, then foil covered, so there is no threat of harm from heat or real mice!
  Badger from Wind in the Willows

Children's Classics

Over the years I have done carvings from the classic Pooh, and several other Beatrix Potter characters. If you have a favorite character or illustration, please inquire.

  Badger from Wind in the Willows
  Jeremy Fisher Frog from The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Duck and the Foxy Gentleman from The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck


    When the Sunapee Craft Fair is over I will be devoting more time to developing images for cards. These are some approximate examples. My ideas include a set of gift cards to go with a custom carving, Holiday cards, and cards with avocations/professions. If you have any comments or ideas on this project please send them along via the Contact Us page!

Floor Sculptures

Wall Sculptures

  Jeremy Fisher Frog from The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
  Duck and the Foxy Gentleman from The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck

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