Preview Gallery
League of NH Craftsmen's Fair
Mt. Sunapee, NH
Aug. 5 - 13, 2017

Here is a gallery of just the smallest sample of carvings about to be packed for the fair.

New this year: Santa and elves (big and small), a host of new fun-in-the-snow characters, new larger carvings,
hedgehogs, tiny moles, lots of wonderful Tiny Town micro carvings, plus new twists on old favorites including magnets,
mica-wing angels, bakers, Easter carvings....  etc.!

I do hope you can come to the League fair to see them in person!

To enlarge a thumbnail, click on photo.

 New larger elves, 3.5", with one of the mini-elves, 2".

Santa feeding a chickadee, 2.75" x 4".

Girl mouse building a snow mouse, 2.75" x 4".

Snowball thrower... one of several!  2.5".

Winter mouse pulling walnut sled, 2.75" x  5".

 Frog Gentleman, 6".  Beach Bunny with drink and sun screen, 4".


Sweet calico cat with basket, 3".

Natural mouse with cheese and crackers, 2.5 ",

Natural bunny, 3 ".

Lady hedgehog, with cake, 2.25 ".

Mr. Hedgehog reading the Hedgerow News, 3" tall.

Papa Bunny with baby in quilt 3"
Little mouse with bunny pull toy 1.25 "

Some of the new Tiny Town carvings:

Bunny Gent, lavender jacket, 2".
"So cute I must be Irish" mouse, 1.5 "

Tiny Town Fall carvings:
Mouse on acorn, mouse on walnut, mouse on tiny hay bale, 1.75 " - 2 ".

Micro bunny with beet, 1.25 ".
Micro artist mouse, 1.25 ".

Mouse in wagon, 1.5 " x 1.25 ".