Recent Work


See examples of work I completed for past League of NH Craftsmen's Fairs and Old Favorites. Many of the carvings shown have been sold, but you can order the same design.

Examples of work

  Brand new! I photographed this quickly. I am still adding a few details. There is also a lady mouse pulling a sled.
   Artist mice, in two sizes. The larger, 3 1/2 inches tall, the smaller, 2 1/2 inches. I have two of the larger artists, both left handed, and six of the little ones. They now wear light aqua blue striped shirts.
  By popular demand! At last, a smaller size mole. I have six, each is a little different of course. They will go fast.
  Springtime Birdwatcher

Many years ago I did some little mice birdwatchers, I brought the idea back and included the tiny birdhouse, and at it's base, a real, very, very small tip of a pussy willow branch.

Also available without the base.


  New for the cat lovers!  The original cat-with-mouse was designed as a custom ornament/magnet after a family's cat famous for catching mice. It came out so cute, it has become a regular.   A great gift idea is to order a cat magnet custom painted to look just like someone's cat.  There is no extra charge for custom painting.
   Iinitially designed to be photographed for my home page where I planned to have a photo of a mouse woodcarver and needed another animal to show the painting part of the process.. The chipmunk artists are three inches tall. I have two: the one shown, and a chubby right hander wearing just a smock over his fat little belly.  Also, not shown, inspired by the chipmunk artists, I have a new series of wonderful chipmunk magnets, and smaller chipmunk sculptures holding a real peanuts.
  Each "Couch Potato" seems to get more elaborate than the last. This little guy has added a chocolate bar to his stash of snacks. There will be only a total of 12 in the series. Each is signed and numbered.
  One of a kind. 3 1/2 inches tall.  This little Valentine Ambassador holds a kiss is made of shaped baked clay, then foil covered, so there is no threat of harm from heat, or real mice!

Old Favorites

  And look for the mix of old friends and favorites, and the many other new pins, magnets, and sculptures that will be keeping them company.  We are all packing up and getting ready to see you soon.  

This group photo is one we especially enjoyed while taking the pictures for the site. The little characters looked like they were just meeting each other at the fair. This photo, and others like it, are available in cards.


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