Custom Work Examples

Custom work can be designed collaboratively  by sharing ideas via phone and email. Custom work is available in all price ranges.   Custom ornaments, magnets, pins as well as sculptures and wall pieces are all possibilities. I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


   Custom cat magnet. Fairly quick turn-around time from receipt of photo to in-the-mail, possibly a week depending on schedule. Magnet is also free-standing. Price range of $45-$50

This special skier bear was ordered Dec 11, marathon finished by late Dec.16.  Design included a great deal of online research to find images of historical ski boots, skis and binding from the early 60s. The bear wears a down vest and red neck-warmer outfit similar to that of recipient "Uncle Jon". The hang tag reads "Cannon Mt, 04-05 Season Pass".  The skis duplicate Jon's early skis.  



Skiers can be ordered downhill or X-country. Best of all, they can be ordered with custom outfits to match what the recipient wears on the slopes or trails! The second picture, shows the photo I received, and the resulting custom carving.
 Available with or without a base, can be made to be removable from the base,
or can be made as ornaments.
No additional charge for custom ski clothing on your order.
Please order early if you want it for the Holidays!


Example of custom dog carvings.  A surprise Christmas gift to parents who, in retirement, had undertaken to climb every major peak in the White Mts. with their two  beloved dogs, Nob and Jeb. The daughter sent me photos of the dogs, a description of their personalities, and even a sample Frisbee.  (One dog was a Frisbee fanatic, and is carved holding the Frisbee.) The other dog, the one who always led the way is carved holding a map of the White Mts. In the background is the photo I received of the dog, and in the foreground is the dog backpacker I carved after seeing the photo and hearing about the dogs' personalities. The parents were beyond delighted!


For many years a husband in Vermont has sent me pictures of a quilt that his wife has made that year and I have created a carving incorporating the quilt design.

This was the carving from 2002. It is my favorite.  The background photos are digital print outs showing the quilt. Note the duplication of one of the quilt squares in the wooden base the carving sits on. The pattern on the mouse's dress duplicates the material used in the border of the quilt. The mouse works on a tiny quilt patterned like the actual quilt. The carved thimble she sits on is approximately life size, making the whole figure less than 2 inches high.


   For the cat lovers! Designed last Christmas, as a custom ornament/magnet for a family whose cat was famous for catching mice. It was so cute I made several more for the Fair.  It makes a great gift to order a cat magnet custom painted to look just like someone's cat.  There is no extra charge for the custom painting.
  "Georgia Mouse". Commissioned as a gift for longtime collector of my carvings, and Grandmother of  then 3 1/2 year old Georgia. The real Georgia often

 wore a big white bow in her hair, and insisted on dressing herself in two different color socks because she says, she's an artist !

  These were made for a long time collector who simply ordered two magnets for St. Patrick's Day. She loved them, and the "I'm so cute I must be Irish" magnet is now  a regular .

The Wall St. Journal characters are available with custom newspaper stories. This bear was for New Jersey family who all contributed details to be worked into very humorous personal newspaper stories for the paper.

     I have many, many more photos of custom work that are not posted!  Would be happy to discuss ideas with you, send you images of other custom work close to what we discuss, to together come up with a carving that is just what you want. I enjoy custom work and would love to hear from you.

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